Sacher torte: recipe, photo and video

The Sacher torte – probably one of the world’s most famous cake creations – is closely connected with the history of Austria.

The Sacher cake is a delicious, particularly tender and softly chocolate torte filled with finest apricot jam, covered with a delicate, bittersweet chocolate glaze.

Following the original recipe of the inventor our company today offers a a high-quality, sinful delicious Sacher torte with a net weight of 600g and 1500g.
The Salzburg Patisserie Sacher torte is baked by experienced, creative master bakers and confectioners with only the highest quality, selected raw materials such as quality chocolates, finest apricot jam and other fine ingredients.

In this post all info about a chocolate cake called Sahcer.

Here the recipe of sacher cake

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