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FOOD NETWORK by CakeItaly – February 2008
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Video Sacher torte in Vienna (austria 2008

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Here the video from our trip in vienna at the begining of the 2008. You can see the Hotel sacher and the Sacher bar. Please visit this page for the HD video. read more


Rosemary Braised Potatoes; A Picture is Wo…

One of the interesting things about being a traveling blogger is seeing how my (and your) blogs look on other people’s computers. For example: on my computer, all of my photos look absolutely lovely: perfect colors, clear and tantalizing.&nbs… read more

Thyme For Cooking, the Blog

Pho Tay Ho: Vietnamese-ing in Bensonhurst

If you ever find yourself going to Bensonhurst, which is—according to Google Maps—a narrow gridded rectangle tucked away in the southwest edge of Brooklyn, it’s either because you live there or know someone who does. Although I have no quantitativ… read more

The Girl Who Ate Everything

Mini Wedding Cake Favors

We created this mini-wedding cake as a sample favor for an upcoming wedding. Post from: Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes Mini Wedding Cake Favors read more

Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more

Wedding Cake Topper of the Day…Multiraci…

Greetings to all….I am located in Toronto, which is a very multicultural city…apparently 1 of the most multicultural cities on the globe….so today’s cake topper would apply to many couples in my home town…The groom is this multiracial wedd… read more

custom wedding cake toppers

Food and Beer 3: Abbot Ale

The third recipe designed by Michelin-starred chef, Tom Kerridge specifically designed to match Abbot Ale. The first in this mini-series was Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb with Anchovies and Mint for Old Speckled Hen and the second Thai Fishcakes wi… read more

The Foodie List

More Than Just The Beach

Summer has finally arrived at the Gold Coast. Today is probably the hottest day since we arrived….and I’m inside. I can look over the balcony and see the pool and it looks so inviting….and I’m inside because Bryan has both sets of keys to our… read more


Chocolate Praline Recipe – Chocolate Candi…

Dark chocolate frosting recipe ingredients: 100 grams dark chocolate 250 ml whipping cream Chocolate candies with Turkish delight recipe ingredients: 300 grams Turkish Delight (lokum), chopped 50 grams sesame seeds, roasted 150 grams sugar 1 deci… read more

Gourmet Cakes | Easy Dessert Recipes

The Little Black Dress of Dinner

Anyone who purports to know even a little about fashion knows that the one indispensable item in any woman’s wardrobe is the little black dress. It’s elegant, it’s sophisticated, it’s perfect for any occasion, and most importantly, you don’t … read more

The Traveler’s Lunchbox

Sole Fillet Parcels with Salsa Verde

Looking for a light and healthy dinner tonight? This one hits the spot and is relatively easy to make. Salsa verde, an Italian name, is a cold rustic sauce which was traditionally chopped by hand but today most people use a food processor to make … read more

The Culinary Chase

Holdable Honey

The Honibe Honey Drop works like a sugar cube for those who’d rather sweeten their tea with honey. John Rowe, creator of the drops, says he was inspired to create a “non-messy” honey after an unfortunate camping trip involving a broken … read more

The Food Section

Roasted Tomato Soup

Apologies for not being around of late, the imminent business launch and work around it are keeping me from blogging as much as I’d like. Just thought I’d pop in and share this lovely recipe for roasted tomato soup! I made this last Saturday when … read more

The Humble Housewife

Book Review – Williams-Sonoma Complete Gri…

Posted by Chuck Marting on Paper Palate. I love cookbooks. Especially grilling, barbecue and outdoor cookbooks. Of all the cookbooks I have in my collection, one remains a favorite, more so because of my daughter than any other reason. Over this p… read more

Well Fed Network

Vietnamese chicken satay with nuoc cham

Chicken satay without peanuts. I couldn’t believe it myself having associated satay with peanut butter. But this recipe from Vietnamese Cooking Made Easy (recipes by Nongkran Daks, Alexandra Greeley and Wendy Hutton; published by Periplus). But th… read more

Pinoy Cook – Filipino food, cooking and recipes blog

Two side dishes worth trying: Jamie’s pota…

I beg of you – make one of these recipes. Or go wild and make both. You won’t be sorry, I promise.Fresh asparagus are something quite new to me – I don’t ever recall seeing them in supermarkets when I was younger. But ever since I spotted them for… read more

Technicolor Kitchen – English version

Off To South Beach

What a chore this Food Network job is turning out to be… now I have to leave this 26 degree New York weather for the tropical beaches of Miami and a forecast of 83 degrees. Could life get any harder? Feel free to hate me. Full reports and video… read more

The Amateur Gourmet

Easy Lemon Curd

VERY easy. So easy. Ridiculously easy. Almost as easy as opening a jar and MUCH easier than driving to the store… There are two ways to make lemon curd. One involves double boilers and careful stirring and sieving and many things that I don… read more


Light as a feather…tiramisu

As a young girl, me and my friends would have slumber parties and invariably we’d play Light As A Feather. In case you aren’t familiar, it’s a game where one girl lays down on her back and all the other girls gather around her and together lift h… read more

What geeks eat…

More banana media

Awhile back I posted a little ditty about bananas, but there was oh so much more to know… check out this segment on the Leonard Lopate Show with Dan Koeppel, author of Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World, from last week, about h… read more

A Lucid Spoonful

What’s the answer? It beets me.

Last summer was my first real fling with beets. I am enthralled with these color-bleeding, edible and bursting-with-flavor globes. Beets tuck right into that whole ugly swan story, appearing ugly, or at least starting out ugly but later transform… read more

Talk of Tomatoes

Daikon w/ Bok Choy & Curry Sauce

The curry sauce has orange juice, carrot, water, nutritional yeast, garam masala, and curry powder. This was really good – a crunchy salad! read more

Utopian Kitchen

5 Simple Meals & A Shopping List

Skip trying to figure out what your family’s going to eat this week; it’s all right here! HERE’S ALL YOU NEED TO DO Follow the Recipe links and print the recipes Print the Shopping List provided Follow the cooking suggestions ON THE MENU Roasted C… read more

Simple Daily Recipes competition

More input please. (Mostly good, please. I bruise like a peach, lol) One requirement of my “Professional Practice” Portfolio, is to enter a student-level competition. One of the major players in the student competition field, is the D&AD. … read more

blood sugar


While shopping at CVS today I ran into a big display of Soyjoy Nutrition Bars. The raisin almond and mango coconut flavors looked most interesting so I gave those a shot. These bars have a very unique texture and flavor that I really liked…. read more

Local Food Musings: Ipanema Grill or Texas…

(This post simply expresses the author’s observations at the time of eating. Others might have had better or worse experiences at either place) We have been regulars at Ipanema Grill ever since it opened a few years ago. Their new location on Cox… read more

Veronica’s Test Kitchen

Ecco le foto all’interno del bar SACHER

Ecco le foto scattate al’interno dell’hotel Sacher di Vienna. Clicca qui per le foto. Un bel reportage fotografico da Vienna (Austria): abbiamo scattato diverse foto nel bar/pasticceria dell’hotel sacher e per non contraddirci abbiamo anche compr… read more

Decanter magazine March 2008

The latest edition of Decanter (March) came out this week. Several articles caught my eye. The first was entitled Start your own Wine Cellar. As I’m often torn between buying bottles to drink and those I think I may like to keep for a special occa… read more

Wine Sediments

The new credo

It can sound very snobbish, it can sound very overconfident, but I personally feel like him:”Are you a blogger too? Give me your camera. I’ll take a really blurry, close-up picture of the grapefruit in my salad. When do you think people are going … read more

The Kitchen Pantry

Winter Sun Sardines Starter

When I sat down to write this post, I had to select a category for the recipe. As you’ll see in the sidebar, we have a lot of recipe categories. But we don’t actually have one specifically for starters. Appetizers, yes – but those are not really … read more

Too Many Chefs

Cheating aside on Valentine’s Day Cooking…

As in many other ‘special days’, we are staying home today. It’s been a while since we went out on Feb 14. The reason? Too many people, lots of traffic and the air smells of gross commercialization. It can be annoying.Is this the result of aging? … read more

ibanag cooking and other things

Probots In Disguise

Probiotics quickly becoming all the rage. Some choose to start their day off with a yogurt “shot” filled with probiotics. I’ve done so a few times, but to be honest, it’s not usually something I look forward to. While it tastes fine (actually it … read more

Will Work For Food

Ackee & Saltfish

Ackee & Saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish, though I hear it is getting some serious competition from the much loved rice and peas and curried goat. But that’s a story for another time, today I want to talk about how tasty ackee is.Ackee is c… read more

Tastes Like Home


A slight diversion from the current Singapore eateries I’m working on posting, just realised i forgot to mention this awesome bakery in my Hong Kong posts. One of the best cake shops in Hong Kong, the cakes here are well known because they’re… read more

Mug Eat Blog – A Singapore Food Blog

Suzy Zoo Baby Shower Cake.

This cake was created for the same people as the Pink Care Bear baby shower cake. They needed a smaller cake for a second baby shower. This is a Red Velvet single layer cake decorated with whippy icing. read more


Waiter, there’s something in my… Terrine…

When I chose the theme for the January edition of “Waiter, there’s something in my…”, it was in the good effort to finally overcome my fear of making a proper (read: meat-based) terrine. I do enjoy eating them, especially when foie gr… read more


The Organic Challenge: Shopping in Sydney

So I decided to go online shopping to see how ‘organically’ we could live for a week. As I’ve said we spend around $200 a week on food (we love to eat), but I thought I’d try $100 ‘ say you’re a single person who loves to eat. And this is what we … read more

A Year’s Worth of Eating

We move here:

We decided to buy a domain and now we move to read more

Dessert Blog

Superbowl Cake Ideas

Sunday is fast approaching and I think I’m going to make a cake for the big game. Here are some links I’ve visited for inspiration: Sweet Endings – Football Cake Superbowl Cake from all recipes That Little Something Special football cake a… read more

Simple Cake Decorating

Happy New Year

It is a scandinavian tradition to have “kransekage” and champagne at midnight New Years eve. “Kransekage” is made of almond paste, icing sugar and eggwhites. I always make my own instead of buying one from my local baker, it also taste much better… read more

Oh, did I say March? Um, I meant August.

You know how I mentioned below that the new issue of Vegan Lunch Box would be out in March? Well, as so often happens in the world of professional publishing, there’s been a change of plans. The publisher has decided that it will be much more exci… read more

Vegan Lunch Box

Pretty Little Cupcakes

Recently I bought some cute little cupcake decorations so decided today was the day to make cupcakes..plain, old vanilla ones with a buttercream frosting…none of the fancy schmancy cupcakes you see in other peoples blogs, or blogs totally dedic… read more

. my cooking spot .

A Tale of Two Soups

Whilst the shimmering frost looks delightful and the pale blue/grey wintry sky are truly evocative of every other winter that has passed me by, I am already longing for the past (or, preferably future) summer. Despite the sun closing up early and… read more

Writing At The Kitchen Table

Pseudo hummus

It’s not enough to call a certain dish “hummus” for it to become hummus. If I had a nickel for every strange looking hummus I saw, I would probably have some… 20 bucks by now. When I say “pseudo hummus” I refer to dishes which may look like hummus… read more

The Hummus Blog

Tilapia with Garlic, Onion, Pine Nuts, Bas…

For a healthy diet, it is recommended to eat fish at least twice per week. Try this fantastically healthy and delicious recipe of pan-cooked tilapia filets, blended with rich garlic, red onion, olive oil, pine nuts, finished with basil and white … read more

Grapes of Passion

See these photos and more on our new site!

All new posts will be made on Cake Magic . Same site, with a new name! We’ll see you there! read more

Cake Fun

Cold Cake

Ingredients:- Biscuits 1 Pack (Any square or rectangle biscuits) Butter 6 TBsp Icing Sugar 1-2 TBsp Cocoa Powder 1 TBsp Method:- Beat the butter in two separate bowls. Mix icing sugar in both. Mix Cocoa powder in one bowl. Spread white butter mix… read more

Moon’s Delicious Desserts

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

S o I am so sorry this has been so long in coming! To say it has been crazy in my household is an understatement. Alas though I have found the time to sit down and share this recipe with everyone. This is a recipe was a huge success! Everyone who… read more

sweet sundays

Dessert recipe for Coconut Barfi

Coconut Barfi recipe ingredients:- (dessert recipe)Milk – 1 cup Coconut (shelled and grated) – 1Green cardamom – 2-3Ghee – 2 tbsp Sugar – 2 cup… more from dessertrecipe… read more

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