Puff Pastry – Pasta Sfoglia

pasta sfoglia (Custom)


PUFF PASTRY, called Pasta Sfoglia in Italy

  • 250 Flour [0.55 lb]
  • 100 g Water [0.22 lb]
  • 5 g Salt [0.01 lb]
  • 75 g Flour [0.17lb]
  • 250 g Butter [0.55 lb]

Quickly knead: 250 g [0.55lb] flour, salt and water, then form the pasty and put in the fridge.

Quickly knead: the butter with 75g [0.17lb] of flour and form the pasty. After put in the fridge.

Combine the two pastries and immediatel ydo two tugs and four folds.
Put in the fridge for 20 minutes and, thereafter, give two more tugs and four folds.
Put again in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Here the Puff pastry video recipe


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