Whipped cream chantilly recipe – crema chantilly

whipped cream chantilly

WHIPPED CREAM CHANTILLY called in italy Crema chantilly

  • 200 g pastry cream [0.44 lb]
  • 250 g milk [0.55 lb]
  • 115 g sugar [0.25 lb]
  • 20 g flour [0.04 lb]
  • Vanilla extract for cakes
  • 2 egg yolks

Whip the cream with a pinch of vanill afor cake sand 15 g [0.03 lb] of sugar.

Boil the milk with 50 g [0.11 lb] of sugar.
In a nother pan,combine the remaining sugar, the two egg yolks, flour and a pinch of vanilla for cakes. Whisk with energy everything.
At this point add the milk to the just prepared mixture. Mix until having a consistent mixture.
Let cool; then add the whipped cream and here’s the whipped cream Chantilly.

Here the Chantilly cream video recipe

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