Almond pastry recipe – Pasta di mandorle

halmond pastry


ALMOND PASTRY FOR DESSERTS called Pasta di mandorle in Italy

50g egg whites [0.11lb]
125g almonds [0,28lb]
175g icing sugar [0.39lb]
6g corn starch [0.01lb]
Half a sachet
of vanillin for cakes

Finely grind the almonds, add the icing sugar, starch
and a half sachet of vanillin for cakes.
Add the egg white and knead with your hands until a uniform and compact
paste is achieved.

Now you can prepare many different types of cakes…
For example, some pastries for tea (as pictured) that can be made as follows:
insert into a pastry bag the mixture and form
small cakes of  different shapes on a baking sheet covered with a foil of baking paper.

Here the almond pastry video recipe


Bake for 5 minutes in the oven with the coil switched on.

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