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Top Cakes of 2007

Pink Cake Box will be closed for vacation during the week of Jan 7th. In the meantime, to satisfy you cake cravings we’ve put together a list of our top cakes from 2007 based on traffic. Thanks for making 2007 a success! #1 – Corpse Bride Wedding… read more

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Apple Muffins

These apple muffins are just right for breakfast and as a snack!!! I went shopping yesterday and bought a new mini-muffin pan.? Right before bed, I got the idea to make something special for my husband to eat on his long commute into work.? I had… read more

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La befana dolce di

In pasticceria si vendono queste Befane Lindt, piene di cioccolatini golosissimi. read more



Josie’s chocolate polvoron and an American…

Ever since I posted an entry on chocolate polvoron late in 2006, I have been besieged with requests for recipes. The thing is, the entry itself very clearly states that I ordered those boxes of chocolate polvoron and and I even provided the conta… read more

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The Befana with chocolate candies

Tomorrow in Italy we celebrate the Epiphany. In a Pastry Shop we took a picture of this sweets: the Befana… The Befana is an old woman who brings gifts on the day of the Epiphany. In this case inside the body you can taste delicious chocolates b… read more

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Wedding Cake Topper of the Day…..Policem…

Stop in the name of the Love!!…that’s the message of this serve and protecting groom….He’s in uniform with his gun in holster and belt of accessories, hugging his bride while cradling a pizza!!…yes it’s not just coffee and donuts for this o… read more

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Birthday Cake for a Giraffe Collector.

read more




3D Hershey Kiss Cake

This cake is much easier to make than it looks! Select your cake pans You will need at least four, maybe five cake pans. I used a 9 in., 8 in., and two smaller baking dishes. However, the size of your cake will vary depending on how many people y… read more

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See these photos and more on our new site!

All new posts will be made on Cake Magic . Same site, with a new name! We’ll see you there! read more

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Happy New Year

It is a scandinavian tradition to have “kransekage” and champagne at midnight New Years eve. “Kransekage” is made of almond paste, icing sugar and eggwhites. I always make my own instead of buying one from my local baker, it also taste much better… read more



Cold Cake

Ingredients:- Biscuits 1 Pack (Any square or rectangle biscuits) Butter 6 TBsp Icing Sugar 1-2 TBsp Cocoa Powder 1 TBsp Method:- Beat the butter in two separate bowls. Mix icing sugar in both. Mix Cocoa powder in one bowl. Spread white butter mix… read more

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Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

S o I am so sorry this has been so long in coming! To say it has been crazy in my household is an understatement. Alas though I have found the time to sit down and share this recipe with everyone. This is a recipe was a huge success! Everyone who… read more

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Dessert recipe for Coconut Barfi

Coconut Barfi recipe ingredients:- (dessert recipe)Milk – 1 cup Coconut (shelled and grated) – 1Green cardamom – 2-3Ghee – 2 tbsp Sugar – 2 cup… more from dessertrecipe… read more

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Chocolate Coconut Dessert Rolls Recipe – C…

Chocolate coffee cake recipe ingredients: 350 grams graham cracker crumbs 200 grams confectioner’s sugar 100 grams dark chocolate, melted 16 tablespoons cold coffee Coconut filling recipe ingredients: 100 grams confectioner’s sugar 3 tablespoons … read more

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